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Bio Job
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등록일 Oct 22,2021 | 작성자 | 조회수 169
Looking for a postdoctoral fellow

Introduction to Hee Won Yang’s Lab:
The Yang Lab at Columbia University Irving Medical Center focuses on cell cycle regulation in normal and cancer cells with a goal of identifying mechanisms underlying cancer heterogeneity.

The Yang Lab is seeking a bright, highly motivated postdoctoral fellow with an interest in research on drug resistance studies in cancer based on various in vitro and in vivo models and
human specimens by using tools such as followings: 

• Single-cell imaging: Monitoring and analyzing cancer evolution at the single-cell level using fully automated microscopes.
• Single-cell imaging and Sequencing: Identification of cancer progression in mouse and human tissues.
• Single cell sequencing and analysis of different stages of tumor progression. 
These are experience preferred but not required.
Additional preferred qualifications of research area:
• Experience in computational biology
• Experience in cancer biology
• Experience in single-cell imaging or sequencing
• Experience in molecular biology

Please send your CV to hy2602@cumc.columbia.edu if you are interested in the position. We will contact potential candidates for following interview process after our review.



Our laboratory studies how cells decide to proliferate in normal and cancer cells. We use an automated microscope and computational analysis to monitor signaling process at the single-cell level. Then, we classify heterogeneous populations based on phenotypes and further explore the underlying molecular mechanisms of the decision-making processes.

How we study - The Yang lab, department of pathology and cell biology